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Insolvency process in India is very tedious and has a lot of manual time consuming activities for IRPs (Insolvency Resolution Professionals). We are a team of lawyers, IT engineers & experienced communication professionals who are trying to bridge the communication gap and automate manual tasks involved in end to end Insolvency Resolution process. We are CLAIM-BRIDGE.

CLAIM-BRIDGE is an innovating communication agency which has combined the power of latest technology tools & Insolvency process know how to streamline & expedite the entire Insolvency communication processes in between all parties, involved in Bankruptcy process.

We believe that each insolvency case is different and needs a different approach to manage it. CLAIM-BRIDGE is providing customized product & services packages based on complexity and nature of cases.

Core Values

Core values are very important for our business as it brings everyone on the same thought process. Beno Group relies on our 4 core values which we call our 4 pillars of success:


Give top priorities on our commitment with employees, clients and partners


Keep on inventing and experimenting until we get the best


Be up to date with latest trends and technologies to serve better

Customer Satisfaction

Keep working until customer says “Thank You”


  • E-voting platform & reporting
  • SMS campaigns & reporting
  • Manage all queries by a centralized CMS
  • Share confidential & Public information to individuals
  • Email communication & reporting
  • Manage all communications by a centralized CMS
  • Publish information in one go
  • Upload / Download documents

Managed Services

We at CLAIM-BRIDGRE are committed to provide seamless and hassle free communication & co-ordination during entire insolvency process. Our managed service includes but not limited to

  • Manage website & hosting
  • Conducting E-Voting and sharing instant results
  • Manage email, SMS, Whatsapp communication & sharing reports
  • Publishing information on website
  • Upload documents on website
  • Managing queries & communication from CoCs

E-Voting Platform

Our E-voting platform enables all creditors to participate in voting around multiple resolutions. This platform reduces the time taken in physical or E-mail voting system, increases the security and publishes instant results.

Key Features
  • Secure OTP (Email) based login
  • Set up start time & end Time
  • Simultaneous voting on multiple resolutions
  • Multiple reminders to participate in voting
  • Ability to change the vote with in voting period
  • Real time results
  • Multiple reports including number of possible voters, number of reminders sent, number of actual voters and their list etc.
Benefit for IRP
  • Voting can be done on multiple resolutions in one go
  • Less time required to calculate voting results
  • Increase probability to get maximum participants in voting
  • Multiple reminders to participants can be sent without manual efforts
  • For legal purposes, IRP will have proof that they tried to connect with all creditors & have given fair chance to everyone for voting
  • This is a 3rd party cloud based automatic system which proves that IRP or its associate has not tempered the results of voting
Benefits for COC
  • Notifications before voting starts
  • Vote through mobile
  • Vote from anywhere
  • Multiple reminders to participants can be sent without manual efforts
  • Multiple reminders to reduce possibilities of missing voting deadlines
  • Ability to change the vote within voting window

E-mail Communication Tools

Sending E-mails or physical letters to each CoC is very time consuming and error prone, that is why CLAIM-BRIDGE came up with an E-mail communication solution & services. Using this tool, an E-mail can be sent to unlimited people by single click. This platform also enables IRPs to send customized emails to a specific set of people.

Key Features
  • Unlimited E-mails in seconds
  • Set up E-mails blast time for future
  • Reports on open and bounced E-mails
  • Record E-mails conversation
  • Automated call to action buttons
  • Real time updates
Benefit for IRP's
  • Large number of E-mails can be sent in seconds
  • E-mail blast time & date can be set up for future
  • Multiple reminders can be set up for automated E-mails
  • Reports on bounced E-mails which will help IRP to think of other mode of communications or corrected E-mail ids so that all CoC gets required information
  • A detailed report including who has opened the E-mail, who has clicked on links etc.
  • A detailed report on email open rate, click rate, bounced rate, etc.
Benefits for CoC
  • Always receives E-mail with relevant information on time
  • Automated reminders reduces possibility for missing an update

Self Services

CLAIM BRIDGE will set up customized software, tools & CMS for IRP based on their specific needs. Once tools are in placed, CLAIM BRIDGE will share the credential of CMS and other tools for e-voting and email/ SMS communications. Trainings will be given on tools so that IRP’s team can manage the software on their own.

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