E-Voting For IRPs

The strike Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) has notified the IRPs (Interim Resolution Professionals)/RPs (Resolution Professionals)/ Authorized Representatives (AR) to offer E-voting for all class of creditors (operational creditors, home buyers,bankers) who are under insolvency/ bankruptcy cases under NCLT (National Company Law Tribunal)

The Regulations also required the resolution professional to circulate the minutes of the meeting(MOM) by electronic means to all members of the committee of creditors (CoC) within 48 hours of the meeting.

Authorized Representative also needs to circulate the minutes of the meeting received from RP to financial creditors in a class. He should notify at least 24 hours prior to the E-voting starting time.

We Claim-Bridge provides E-voting platforms for such cases with unique features like:

  1. E-voting final report
  2. Notifications for users prior to E-voting
  3. Sharing information with all COC i.e Minute of meetings, documents etc
  4. customize website
  5. Unique platform for all users